MORNE TRULAH ESTATE — The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway



Yes, she is beautiful; she is lovely; she is charming; she is unspoiled; she is idyllic.  It’s difficult to overstate the merits of Saint Lucia, especially her crowning glory:  the magnificent Morne Trulah Estate.  But know that here we have created a bubble of sorts, where first-world expectations are achieved only by the extraordinary effort and diligence of a team working tirelessly for you behind the scenes.

Yes; it is possible for a local team of skilled and experienced problem solvers to sort the wheat from the chaff– and to meet and often exceed your wildest expectations– to make manifest your wildest dreams.  But success in this environment requires a great deal of time and effort by a team of motivated and dedicated problem solvers, local knowledge, local relationships, and plain old hard work.  Clicking on a few websites and hoping to piece things together by yourself is a recipe for waste, anxiety, stress, and failure.  It’s not the way I would have you spend your holiday.  That’s why we created Morne Trulah’s Concierge Service.

Yes; first impressions matter. They set the tone for your entire week in our tropical paradise. From the moment you step off your airplane, you can jump the COVID-queue in the tent on the hot tarmac in the blazing sun, we can wisk you through HM Customs & Immigration and handle your baggage, and greet you with a warm and friendly smile, keep the kids safe while you use the toilet and get some cash, then escort you to your helicopter of luxury minivan.  This is the FastTrack Service offered by Morne Trulah’s Concierge Services team.  Worth every penny.

Yes; there is no doubt that your experience of this beautiful island of Saint Lucia should be one of calm and ease– where everything flows smoothly around you, and that the first people you meet after stepping off your airplane are warm, genuine and gracious souls who are there working for you to bring you and your loved ones pleasure.  While the situation on the ground can often be dynamic and challenging, from our guests’ points of view any turbulence should be invisible– someone else’s problem.  Like an Olympic athlete or musical prodigy, your holiday should be an enjoyable performance made to look easy– yet spectacular!

Yes; you have travelled before, you know your way around an airport, you may even have a diplomatic passport.  But you will not know the lay of the land or have anyone whom you can trust and rely upon in this foreign land.  There are rogues and scoundrels, communication barriers, and cultural differences to beware.  We would rather our guests not suffer any waste, loss or disappointment.  You need trusted, experienced people on the ground to do your bidding.  That’s Morne Trulah’s Concierge Services team.

Yes; you could rent a car at the airport.  But navigating the rough and narrow roads up and around volcanic mountains at dusk is not for the faint of heart, and navigating the local driving habits and customs can be for you a dangerous experiment.  Let Morne Trulah’s Concierge Service transfer you in comfort up to Morne Trulah– best by helicopter, if possible.

Yes; you can have a rental car waiting for you on-property upon your arrival at Morne Trulah.   Morne Trulah’s Concierge Team are better placed than you to know if the company from whom you rent has a reputation for keeping their vehicles in good and proper working order. Website surfing for a rental vehicle in Saint Lucia will more often result in your rental car/jeep being subpar– with suspension system wrecked by the rough and narrow roads, sloppy steering, worn brakes, underpowered and unresponsive engines.

Yes; the locals are friendly and mostly courteous drivers. But traffic can be terrible, parking more so. All roads except some of the main highways are rough and narrow with treacherously deep drainage ditches each side. It requires skill and experience to navigate them, especially when vehicles try to pass each other on a narrow road. And there is a unique set of behaviours, manners, and customs practiced by local drivers with which you likely will not be accustomed.

Yes; a pre-arranged driver can be made at your disposal to get to and from your activities and excursions.  And taxis can be ordered by Morne Trulah’s Concierge Service– typically available at 10-15 minutes notice.  So, you will in practical terms have all the flexibility you may need. For shorter journeys to the shops, best ask concierge to fetch it for you.  Ask Morne Trulah’s Concierge to make restaurant reservations for you– and to organise a trusted taxi to get you to the restaurant and back in an evening.  Renting a vehicle in Saint Lucia is generally more stressful, risky and expensive than hiring a taxi or driver to get you where you want to go.

Yes; you have Google Maps and websites on your smart phone.  But know that information does not flow efficiently here; data connections are spotty and unreliable.  The people who answer the phone don’t always provide accurate answers; websites more often than not outdated and inaccurate.  Please rely on Morne Trulah’s Concierge Services as your primary source of information.

I certainly wouldn’t use a rental car to get to remote parts of the island.  Road signs and place name are not well marked. The volcanic mountains block the data signal on your phone so GPS is unreliable. And if something perchance happens with your rental vehicle (as it has thrice happened to me) it can be a long time before the rental company comes to your rescue– if you can get a signal or get them to answer the phone.  It’s best to ask Morne Trulah’s Concierge Services team to organise a driver for a scenic tour and/or transport and wait for you while you enjoy your excursions off-property.

Yes; you could venture out to get your own groceries. It will be an adventure: this is not America, Canada, or Europe where one can find everything one needs in-stock at a single location.  I would rather you not spend your holiday flitting between seven different shops looking for Diet Coke and not getting any in the end.  Resources can be scarce and intermittently available. Current local knowledge and some advance planning is necessary. Parking is horrible.  It’s best to allow our Morne Trulah’s Concierge Services team to fetch and carry for you.  Otherwise you will be spending your time ‘managing your holiday’ rather than ‘enjoying your holiday’.

Yes; Morne Trulah’s concierge services team can hold your hand and safely shepherd you through Saint Lucia’s local culture and customs so to  make your residence at Morne Trulah a truly spectacular experience.  We can look after everything for you– and would prefer it that way to ensure a 5* experience and a great review.  We leave nothing to chance; we know what we are getting for you before we buy it on your behalf.  No guesswork; no stress; no worries; no micromanaging; no disappointments:  these are our objectives for you while on holiday.

All of the above; those are some of the most important reasons why we recommend in the strongest possible terms that our guests rely upon Morne Trulah’s Concierge Service to secure on their behalf the best products and services available from tried-and-tested, reliable  suppliers.  We simply want your vacation to be a success and for you to rave about Morne Trulah to your friends and family.  And when you factor in the cost of transportation and our discounts with the operators, our prices tend to better– even with our 20% service charge.  The difference between having a go yourself and letting our professionals do it for you is the difference between a holiday of work or leisure, between potential failure and likely success, between chaos and contentment, stress and satisfaction.  Please let us help  you enjoy yourself.

I built my house here; I raised my young children here.  And in doing so I curated and nurtured a team of genuine and gracious souls who can be trusted and relied upon.  They love their work; they love working for me; and they love Morne Trulah as an extraordinarily unique and beautiful tropical haven.  We all desire to share everything that is best about Saint Lucia with you.  We want everything to be easy and stress-free for you.  We want you to fall in with Saint Lucia as we have done.

It all comes down to this:  “How do you want to spend your holiday?”.  Do you want to spend it running around micromanaging strangers in a foreign land or would you rather relax, rest, and recharge?

Morne Trulah’s Concierge Services are offered in exchange for a 20% service charge above the receipted cost of the products and services we secure on your behalf (excluding the rental amount).  A final bill will be presented before  check-out and will be due immediately upon receipt.

We will agree a draft itinerary with you before your arrival from which we shall produce an estimate of your expenditure. A credit card with funds sufficient to cover your anticipated expenses will be required as deposit.  Actual costs may vary from quoted costs as a result of changes in market prices and any additional requests during your stay.