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Saint Lucia is an island that lies just north of the Caribbean islands. There are several resorts and hotels available to stay in, with a range of luxury accommodations and rates. If you want to get away from it all, there are many villas and private beaches where you can stay with your loved ones. Saint Lucia has a variety of activities on offer for both adults and children. Take a look at these fun facts about Gros Islet, Trouya Beach!

st lucia private villas

Private Pools: Many of the villas in Saint Lucia are surrounded by beautiful pools for you to relax.
These villas with private pools are available for an exclusive holiday escape.

Large family villas: When visiting Saint Lucia you can stay in a large family villa that has been specifically designed for groups of people. These villas are predominately located in the north of the island, with plenty to do nearby.

Caribbean villa holidays

Saint Lucia luxury accommodation:  There are many luxurious villas in Saint Lucia that have been provided for you to choose from. If you want an all-inclusive hotel, this is also available on the island. The villas and resorts are surrounded by stunning views and settings, making your holiday even more enjoyable.

Caribbean rental:  There are exclusive private villas that can be rented in Saint Lucia that feature traditional Caribbean styling and hospitality.


Places to stay in Saint Lucia: The best place to stay on the island is a private villa which can be rented for short stays as little as 3 days or weeks. The best place to stay is the private villas featuring luxurious beachfront rooms with private pools made for relaxing in Caribbean luxury!

Saint Lucia Christmas:  Christmas is celebrated throughout the Caribbean with visitors from all over coming to enjoy the festivities and celebrations.

Perfect for Holidays: There are luxury villas in Saint Lucia that can be rented for your holiday, that are decorated in Caribbean style with all the modern amenities you would expect from a hotel room or apartment.

Caribbean villa holidays

Seafront villa: For those that want to stay in a beautiful villa with their own private pool, there are various hotels and resorts on the beach and within walking distance of the water. These villas are provided for you to enjoy your own private pool for your holiday.

Saint Lucia rentals: The best area in saint Lucia to rent a villa is up north near Rodney bay, but not so close to the built-up area where it is noisy. It is best to rent a villa with its own grounds where the estates provide privacy and seclusion, and ample space for your own exclusive use.

Villa breaks: Private villas found north of Saint Lucia has stunning views of the beach, islands, and sunsets over the sea. If you want a holiday with enough room for you to move around then a villa is the perfect option for you.

Saint Lucia, pronounced “Saint LOO-shah” is a small, lush volcanic island in the eastern Caribbean located about 340 miles northwest of Barbados and has been called one of the most beautiful islands in the world by international travel magazines like Condé Nast Traveller and National Geographic. If you are looking for the best luxury experience, why not rent a family villa on a beach in Saint Lucia? These luxury homes have everything you need to enjoy your holiday in a relaxing environment!