MORNE TRULAH ESTATE — The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway


Our family travels with our musical instruments (cellos and violins)– bringing them with us to practice in the quiet and peaceful environment of the Morne Trulah Estate during our regular periods of residence.

Our son, Hunter, carries his violin around the house with him and composes music and performs it for the birds– and they in turn answer him back.  It is his dialogue with nature; he feels at one with it when home at his beloved Morne Trulah. 

The tranquility and wholesome beauty of this place descends and envelops you like a comforting blanket. It’s inescapable; it surrounds you; it holds you in its gentle and nurturing embrace.  And once you have found that you are in love with it, you will find yourself in tears at the thought of having to leave it magical and nurturing embrace.  For our part, we find the strength to pull ourselves away only because the inescapable logic to providing the the best education possible for our children must take precedence– and the best schools for our children are found in London, England.

Even though nominally  ‘on holiday’ the children find their time at Morne Trulah surprisingly constructive due to the reduced demands for their attention and the plethora of activities available which do not involve computer screens.

The difference in time zone works in our favour– the estate’s fibre optic broadband internet connection making it possible for the children to keep up with their conservatoire training via Zoom lesson with their teachers at the Guildhall School of Music in London.  Their music practice each morning provides that little bit of structure to their day– keeping them feeling safe and secure and providing the perfect foil to their otherwise unrestrained freedom to roam relatively unsupervised throughout the expansive grounds and botanic gardens of the Morne Trulah Estate.   The nanny is there to watch from a distance and to hear them sing to themselves in harmony with nature as they play in the sunshine.

Morne Trulah’s guests are also very welcome to play our fine Yamaha AvantGrand N2 Hybrid Piano: the best money can buy.  It has an authentic wooden action providing the true touch and feel of a concert-quality instrument, yet being always in tune.  The famous pianist, Vladimir Ashkenazi live in Saint Lucia, but he has his own piano technician/tuner– making the otherwise impossible task of tuning feasible on a remote Caribbean island! 

Live Music:  Morne Trulah’s Concierge Service can arrange for professional musicians to perform in an evening for you– perhaps before/after a special dinner prepared by your personal chef.

The Music Area is a great place for any amateur musicians in your group to congregate with drinks and share their talents and share a smile with friends.