MORNE TRULAH ESTATE — The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway


The Morne Trulah Estate is a massive property comprised of 9.5 acres of manicured botanical gardens and unspoiled rainforest nature trails.  The property extends all the way down to the water’s edge to the east and north, with beach access via the eastern boundary road.  Nestled between the trees are picnic tables, benches, and many hammocks upon which each guest can have his/her own private piece of paradise. 

The grounds are especially fun for children who can roam and explore safely within the perimeter of the 10′ tall, high- security mesh fence– nearly invisible to the eye and cameras.

The sun deck is faced in solid sheets of honed coral which remains cool underfoot yet slip-proof. Guests may enjoy sun loungers and comfy outdoor sofas near the pool.  Your Valet can serve as bartender, should you so desire.

The kidney-shaped infinity pool has beach entry which is perfect for young children to safely play without fear of drowning.  Beach entry also makes it possible for the elderly to enjoy the pool without having to navigate stairs or ladders.  Our aunt is 96 years old and finds Morne Trulah’s pool to pose no problem whatsoever. 

There is also a 9′ deep end to the pool (surrounded by a 5′ deep standing ledge around perimeter)– which is fun for older children to dive to the bottom for rocks or other toys. 

A swing hangs near the pool from a bough of an ancient mango tree, upon which my children swoosh themselves up to the higher branches to pick sun-ripened mangos.

Manicured paths upon which you may safely walk barefoot meander through the gardens, leading to a tunnel and other surprising turns. 

The most astounding part of Morne Trulah’s gardens is the grass croquet court– upon which guests can not only play a professional game of croquet but also walk barefoot upon closely clipped, velvety turf which feel spongy under your feet.  Roll, cartwheel, spring, chase, jump, run, and play on the putting green with glee spread broadly across your face. 

The croquet court is perfect for lawn games such as petanque and boules.  The best time for games on the croquet lawn is 17:00 hours– with a suitably tropical drink in hand.  Morne Trulah’s croquet court has a way of bringing the whole family together and creating indelible shared memories.  The court must be the most beautiful croquet court in the world– and a wonderful backdrop for photographs and video.  One set of guests loved Morne Trulah’s croquet court so much that they had one built at their home in South Carolina!

At night, under a full moon and stars, the gardens have a magical quality where one can roam openly and freely along Morne Trulah’s grass paths and soak in Nature.  With very little to no light pollution, walking under the moon-dial of Nature’s celestial clock and watching night-after-night affords one the opportunity to observe unobstructed the progression of the moon’s phases and starts directly above.  It feels like you are inside a fine Swiss time piece– and your soul feels as free as Adam and Eve wandering within Eden. 

As the local Rastafarians say in their patois, “Jah live in Eden up the garden Morne Trulah way”.  I must admit it does feel that way to me; unforgettable.