MORNE TRULAH ESTATE — The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway


Kitchen — positioned at the Western edge of the house where a cool breeze always gently blows, the afternoon sun brings an amber glow to the solid mahogany cabinetry of this open-air kitchen.  It is a masterwork of local craftsman– all handmade and hand finished using traditional techniques.   Even the chairs around the circular chef’s table are custom-made, each being slightly different from the other, hand-carved and hand-woven using palm-fronds and local hardwood, assembled by the old men in the remote villages who still retain the skills passed down from their ancestors.  This kitchen is beautiful thing to behold; a dream made manifest.

Here at this location on the property was found an ancient oven where the Caribs cooked with wood fires and clay cooking vessels– an extensive collection of which are on display along the top of the walls above.  These rather large clay pots were traditionally placed on hot coals or the open flame of a wood fire Sometimes smooth heated river rocks were placed inside to create a slow simmer.  A fascinating contrast to the state-of-the-art commercial kitchen that your Cook and/or Chef will use to prepare meals for you during your stay at Morne Trulah.

With this kitchen the ancient meets the modern, as 500-year-old brick and slate floors — still with their original cast iron drainage grills– serve to ground and render indestructible the surface upon which the modern, commercial-quality stainless steel appliances rest.  

Whether enjoyed by yourself, the housekeepers, or your personal chef– Morne Trulah’s professionally equipped kitchen is likely to have everything one could possibly want or need to easily prepare unforgettable meals in the most beautiful of surroundings.

Spacious enough for a large family to come together and happily flow as everyone pitches in, the outdoor kitchen is a natural gathering place. Its size is also sufficient to serve the perfect stage for professional caterers of large events such as weddings and family reunions.

There is a vast refrigerator and freezer space which can be pre-stocked in preparation for your arrival with the very best food and drink available.

The chef’s table on the Upper Deck seats eight people, while the contemporary Gandia Blasco tables on the Lower Deck can be configured to seat twenty-two (22) guests.

The Weber stainless steel gas barbeque is perfect for grilling the fresh fish which are caught in the waters below Morne Trulah and hauled in by local fishermen into Gros Islet Fish Market– then made available to you via Morne Trulah’s concierge service.  Especially wonderful are the luscious fresh lobsters and that unbelievably delicious parrot fish that your Valet cum spear-fisherman can and share with you.

Morne Trulah’s outdoor kitchen enjoys epic panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea from three sides.  From the round kitchen table shortly after a rain shower passes from East to west, one can catch sights of bright double and triple rainbows.  Each morning a charm of hummingbirds sip nectar from the day’s new hibiscus flowers and the profuse white blooms that trail toward down towards the sea from the vining ground cover that covers the western slope.

The sudden appearance of the top mast of a sail boats silently rounding the pointe brings delight with your morning coffee. And the chirp of birds by day and song of frogs by night is best heard from here as you peer out onto the moonlight reflecting off the shimmering sea.

 Just off the Upper Deck is a shady length of deep white sand in which your children can build sandcastles while you unwind.