MORNE TRULAH ESTATE — The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway


Cuti Cove —  yours will likely be the only footprints in the sand for days.  It’s charming because very few people know about it.   The sand is clean and fresh, without the litter and pollution that typically comes with the popularity of more well known beaches.  The entrance to Cuti Cove is an opening in the forest only 5-6 minutes walk from the gates of the Morne Trulah Estate.

Now, you and your friends are in for a genuine, local Saint Lucian experience– authentic to the very core!    a 4 minute hike through the forest along a de minimis dirt trail where you scramble over a couple fallen logs and cross a little stream.  Nothing very serious: manageable for a 3-year-old or a 96-year old.  But there is a distinct feeling of adventure and discovery, especially when the dark forest opens out to the afternoon sun reflecting off the Caribbean Sea– and having the beach to yourself.

The beach is soft and sandy.  There are sand dunes for the kids to climb and (on a good day) more fish than you can catch and eat right there on the beach over a driftwood fire.

Your Valet will show you the way and can port your things for you.  For larger groups, additional fishing valets can be made available to you– the ideal ratio being two fishermen per helper– very useful when your party is comprised of six (6) children!  Untangling lines and baiting hooks keep them all constantly busy– as you might imagine.

The snorkelling off this western edge of Saint Lucia at Cuti Cove the best in Saint Lucia because the coral has not been damaged or disturbed by touristic hordes.  Much of it is in pristine condition which is why there are so many fish.

The setting sun reflecting on the still waters of the Caribbean Sea is extremely powerful, so bring big hats, sunglasses, and plenty of sun screen.