MORNE TRULAH ESTATE — The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway


Your Concierge can organise all your ground transportation needs, whether planned in accordance with an agreed itinerary or on a last-minute whim.

A rental vehicle can be waiting for you on property upon arrival at the Morne Trulah Estate.  But, renting a vehicle to drive yourself should be approached with the utmost caution.  Traffic can be terrible and parking impossible; the rules of the road will be foreign to you; and everything will seem backward to visitors from the USA due to our driving on the left-hand side of the road as in England.  Best leave it to the professionals. 

For smaller parties your Concierge can arrange an ultra-luxury car with a driver– or a small taxi.

Alternatively, a minivan with driver (holding up to seven persons) can be with you at Morne Trulah in as little as 10-minute’s notice.

For larger groups (greater than seven persons) Morne Trulah’s Concierge can organise a minibus will prove impossible to secure on a whim.  We wouldn’t want your group to be split into two or more vehicles (or to incur 2x or 3x the transportations costs for multiple vehicles).  So, agreeing an itinerary in advance with your Concierge, and asking her to organise suitable transport in advance is necessary.

Suitably sized minivans and minibuses are especially important to the enjoyment of your holiday, for they enable everyone to simultaneously share the same experience while traveling from points A to B.  Sharing the same physical and emotional space is fundamental to creating collective memories and catalysing group discussions.  Saint Lucia offers so very much to see and discuss on the way to your Activities and Excursions, and we wouldn’t want any part of your group to become lost, be delayed, to miss out, or to feel “left out” of jokes or conversations about things that happened along the way.

No matter the size of your group, Morne Trulah’s Concierge Service will make the best suitable ground transportation arrangements to suit your needs– children and the elderly included.

The Morne Trulah Estate only works with tried-and-trusted operators whom we have personally vetted and know from personal experience to be trustworthy and reliable.  We know the vehicle and the driver we secure for you to be top notch in every way.  

In practice, the drivers secured on your behalf by Concierge will always plan to be a little bit early to collect you and to be happy to wait for you for as long as you may wish.   They charge a fixed fare; you are not on-the-clock, so relax.  The important thing is that you will NEVER be waiting for us; we will always be waiting on you, as it should be!