MORNE TRULAH ESTATE — The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway


Positioned at the centre of the compound is the Atrium, around which radiate four, fully detached bedroom suites.  The Atrium is a vast, covered, outdoor space where everyone tends to gather, where there is always a lovely breeze blowing through the open glass walls.  The glass walls can be adjusted and screens pulled across the openings to control the strength of the breeze. 

Above the Atrium sits the Cupola perched 10 metres above you upon the pinnacle of a massive cantilevered cathedral ceiling made of greenheart.  The moist cool air draw through the sidewalls of the Atrium rises by convection and exits through one of the four openings of the Cupola, serving as an extremely effective form of natural air conditioning for this outdoor space.  Coupled with the ever present breeze at this location, the design of this architecturally impressive space renders air conditioning obsolete. The lush lawns and vines which grow on the coral walls of the house keep the incoming air naturally cool and moist. [Ps. Each bedroom can be closed off to be air conditioned, if you so wish.)

The brick and slate floor in this space is over 500 years old and still has the secret chambers where loose bricks can be raised to reveal safe stores where valuables were once kept.

Sitting here one can enjoy the shade while savouring the sweet smell of tropical flowers wafting through the air.

High ceilings, crows nest with cupola, cross-breezes from every cardinal direction keep this space naturally cool and comfortable: and a pleasurable place to both work and to play.