MORNE TRULAH ESTATE — The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway


(Top right) The Morne Trulah Estate on the Trouya Peninsula juts boldly westward into the Caribbean Sea. Not only are the views surreal from here, but its location at the mouth of Rodney Bay makes it the ideal base camp for all your excursions such as diving, sailing, fishing, motororised watersports, and exploring the interior of the island with its waterfalls.


Residents of the Morne Trulah Estate need not go far to enjoy the plethora of nearby activities and adventures.  The immediate vicinity offers:


  • Trou Ya Cove — the beach here aka “Trouya Beach” is perfect for barbeques and picnics on the beach.  This protected cove is calm and the sand is soft and deep.  Launch here for snorkelling, fishing, and kayaking.  Play with the children, sunbathe, and enjoy the surf and verdant environs.  Ask Concierge and/or Valet to organise a Coal Pot traditional Caribbean barbeque on the beach for your lunch.

  • Trou Couti Cove —  getting to the beach at Couti Cove is a little adventure for everyone, reachable via an easy 5 minute hike through the forest guided by your Valet; ideal for fishing from the shoreline– and some of the best snorkelling on the island.  Very few people know about this beach, so yours will likely be the only footprints in the sand for days.

  • Trou Gascon Cove — the elusive and rarely mentioned beach found here (aka Francois Beach) is only reachable by kayak from Trouya Beach or a 15 minute hike down and between Morne Flambeau and Morne Pimard.  The Valet can guide you.  Remote and rarely touched by humans.

  • Labriolette Bay — this is the location of Windjammer Beach –a long stretch of beach chairs and beach restaurants and bars; a touristic area where vacationers play beach games and clamber on the floating water park.  Try the “scorpion” smoothy and the “Creole Mahi Mahi” for the children.  You can also hire a paddle boat or teach the kids to sail on a little Hobie Cat sailboat.

  • Whale Watching — look West off the Sunset Deck (off the kitchen) and you will see not far from the water’s edge the tell-tale sign of whales spouting their spray into the tropical sky.  Here you can see pods of dolphins surface as they work in tandem to feed on the abundant schools of fish below.

  • Bird Watching — The Morne Trulah Estate has protected the forest along the coastline resulting in a rich environment for the  blue Saint Lucian parrot (endangered), and many other colourful birds.  Like Snow White the little birds will come and enjoy the bits of breakfast you choose to share with them.  So sweet and innocent– and extremely delightful.

  • Butterfly Picnics on the Croquet Lawn — about 16:00 hours, when after a short rain, the butterflies will come out en masse to sip the nectar of the abundant blooms of the purple Mexican heather plants which line the edges of croquet lawn.  It is a joy to sit on a blanket with your loved ones and share a little snack while myriad butterflies of all shapes and sizes flit about.  Idyllic and unforgettable.

  • Coal Pot Barbeque on the beach — your Valet can go spear fishing for fresh lobster, crab, octopus, snapper, grouper– and cook it for you right there on the beach.  Very authentic; very local; the stuff of legend.  Morne Trulah’s cook can also prepare chicken and beef for you to warm over the fire.  This is best done on Trouya Beach at lunchtime.

  • Nature Trails — Morne Trulah has its own ~1 km nature trail which circumnavigates the estate by which you can take some light exercise and explore the various microclimates of the Morne Trulah Estate.

  • Bouldering — along the Caribbean coastline at the northwestern edge of the Estate:  only for the very nimble and adventurous.  Here gigantic grey volcanic boulders line the edge of the Sea, upon which one may scramble down and around the water’s edge.  Dangerous, but exhilarating; only to be attempted with the help of your Valet and ropes.

  • Kayaking — from Trouya Beach one may venture out into the open expanse of the Caribbean Sea and explore along the coastline the coves with their hidden caves once used by ancient smugglers.  Best launched from Trouya Beach (arranged via our concierge and guided by Valet).

  • Sand Castles — just off the outdoor kitchen is a massive expanse of deep, white sand into which the most ambitious sand castle cities, tunnels, towers, and river-ways can be constructed; part in and part out of the sun, making it a perfect place to distract energetic young children.  Ask your Valet to bring out the shovels, diggers, and dump trucks!

  • Weight Lifting — there is a good set of rubberized, hexagon dumbells ranging from 2kg to 25kg, an adjustable bench, floor mats, and other gym accessories which can be used indoors or out.  Especially lovely first thing in the morning at sunrise around 5:00 am when the sun begins to poke her head up between the volcanic domes to the East.

  • Sunrises — oh my goodness!  You simply must rise early at least once during your residence at Morne Trulah: there is an unmissable natural wonder every morning that is the panoramic sunrise as seen from the unique perspective of Morne Trulah.  The photographs you will take at this moment will be shown endlessly to your friends and family.  Surreal.

  • Sunsets at 17:40 hours pour yourself a drink and enjoy the sun setting in all its glorious splendour from the Sunset Deck on the extreme western edge of the house.  The famed and elusive “green flash” is visible from here at the moment sun disk dips itself below the water’s edge at the horizon.  These are iconic moments from an exclusive and extremely unique location– the subject of picture postcards since the invention of the camera.  Quintessential.

  • Soldier Crabs—  children and adults alike will enjoy watching the hoard of soldier crabs marching each morning and evening up-and-down the mountain with the homes on their backs.  The sheer variety of the shells they choose– from minuscule to massive-  never ceases to amaze.

  • Tree Frogs — like clockwork the tiny little tree frogs break cover with the setting sun and venture out into the gardens to find their evening meal.  They sing and together form a chorus that is unforgettable.  You will miss the sound of them singing you to sleep.

  • Geckoes — from the tini-tiny to the rather large, the geckoes join the tree frogs at dusk and tend to prefer prime feeding positions on the Sunset Deck.  They hours of endless fun chasing them and watching their bizarre throat pockets undulate in their attempts to attract females.  Watch the battles for dominance with wonder.

  • Croquet — you may remember this wonderful game from your childhood where on velvety green turf one hits balls through hoops using large wooden mallets.  When played by the rules it is surprisingly stimulating and accessible for every member of the family– no matter their age.  Take off your shoes and enjoy the soft putting green give slightly under your each step.  Cartwheel, run, and jump as you bask in the joy of it.  Perfect for weddings.

  • Beach Combing— collect sea shells of all shapes, colours, and sizes along the shores of the four nearby beaches.

  • Treasure Hunt— the Morne Trulah Estate is so large and varied that drawing maps with “X” marks the spot is great fun.

  • Geocaching— hide various object along the valleys, hills, trails, and trees of the estate, make a note of the geo-coordinates (longitude, latitude), and set off with mobile phones to find the treasures the Valet has placed there!  Great fun.