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History of Saint Lucia

Helen of the West

The French lovingly called Saint Lucia the Helen of the West. It is one of 13 independent island nations which form the Caribbean Islands. The French named it after St Lucy of Syracuse.

Saint Lucia is popular for its azure waters and charming tropical climate. It has lush rainforests, volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, vibrant culture, and cuisine. Because it has so much to offer, Saint Lucia is adjudged as the best Caribbean Island for a honeymoon. It does justice to its tourism catchphrase Let Her Inspire You.

The Arawak Indians were the first settlers in this region and called the place ‘Louanalao’ lit. ‘Island of the Iguanas’. Then came the Carib Indians in the 800s, who called the place ‘Hewanorra’. Saint Lucia’s airport is known as the Hewanorra Airport to this date.

A French ship wrecked on this island in 1502 on the feast day of St Lucy. Hence, they named it Saint Lucia. It is only the 2nd country apart from Ireland to be named after a woman.

During the 1600s, the whole world was subject to European colonization. Saint Lucia witnessed a political and territorial rivalry between the French and the English. The French came here first. The English and the Dutch then tried to take Saint Lucia from the French. It finally became an English colony; however, most of its cities after named in French. Hence, Saint Lucia is now a melting pot of several cultures.

History of Rodney Bay

Gros Islet is the northernmost tip of this island nation. It lies northeast of the capital city of Castries. It is a cheerful town with plenty of beaches, shopping places, and party hubs.

The horseshoe-shaped bay at Gros Islet, now known as Rodney Bay, served as a great harbor for French and English ships. The bay was named after British admiral George Rodney. He built a fort upon arrival at Pigeon Island. Now that fort is known as Fort Rodney and served as a British stronghold in Saint Lucia. It was its strategic location that helped George Rodney inflict a heavy defeat on the French. The area has many historical attractions, Fort Rodney being the prominent one.

The Rodney Bay development project in the 1970s developed the strategic harbor into one of the best marinas on the Caribbean Island. It is now a highlight of Gros Islet. There are some amazing holiday villa rentals available in this area. Visitors also love taking a catamaran tour of the Bay, enjoying food at restaurants circling the marina, trying their luck at the casinos, and basking on the golden sands of Reduit Beach.

Holiday Rentals Saint Lucia

For tourists looking for accommodation in Saint Lucia, there are also some amazing luxury villas on this Caribbean Island. Many are seafront villas, and stunning vacation rentals in Saint Lucia.

The courteous local hosts provide you with amazing holiday villa packages. They also help you plan the best itinerary for your visit. Families, as well as honeymoon couples, love these luxury villa packages, which offer an unforgettable Caribbean getaway with private pools.

Villa breaks


Saint Lucia is a quintessential tropical paradise. Visit this Caribbean Island and enjoy the soothing beaches, throbbing nightlife, and a load of getaway activities. Enjoy your vacation by booking a tropical holiday villa with a private pool.