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Top 5 places to visit in St. Lucia > Rodney bay

Trouya Beach

Rodney Bay is a town named after the demise of Admiral Brydges Rodney. He lived in the fort of Pigeon Island, which is a landmark recognized by the St. Lucian government. Rodney Bay is situated in the Gros Islet District on the island of St. Lucia. Rodney bay was originally constructed in the year 1985 and is a famous tourist attraction even today. It is saturated with a picturesque coastline, holiday villas, green trees, and azure seas.


5 places to visit in Rodney Bay

Jump-up Street parties- Caribbean nights can be adventurous, fun, and exotic. You can dance to authentic Caribbean music and live jamming sessions. You should enjoy the madness and chaos at night should with some drinks and food. Go outside your Caribbean villa resorts and savour the taste of delicious Caribbean Street food from the street vendors. The party generally starts from 11 pm onwards and lasts till early morning hours. You do not want to miss out on the DJs along the beaches and the cool night breeze.

 Reduit Beach & Splash Island water park- if you want a lovely tan, visit this lovely beach and lie down. The mountains, water, sky, and sunlight of Reduit beach are going to cheer you up. You can also choose some water sports like windsurfing and water- skiing. Tourists love to visit the Splash Island Water park for its family-friendly environment. You can also rent a nice yacht and go around the waters of this beach.

Pigeon Island National Park- this is a place of historical importance. This park occupies an area of 44 acres and is maintained by the Caribbean government since it is of historical importance. You must visit the enchanting military museum that looks straight out of a 16th-century war zone. According to records, this island was a place for 16th-century French pirates, and later the Rodney islands were named after a British man, Fort Rodney. 

Rodney Bay Marina- the view of an 80-acre lagoon with the visuals of dark blue water and beautiful beaches beside it. This destination contains the most exquisite villas in the Caribbean. It is one of the best places to stay in St. Lucia, with its lavish accommodations and resorts. The night bars, casinos and clubs await your presence. You can plan a good short vacation with your friends in this place.

Dive St. Lucia- this is one place that is for adrenaline junkies. If you are one, then go ahead and dive into the blue waters of Rodney Bay. Professional scuba divers and instructors will assist you, so there is nothing to worry about. Do not miss the view of the underwater sea creatures and coral reefs.

Adventure is waiting for you….

The fresh air, the blue waters, and the blue sky are the perfect combination for beach lovers. You can enjoy the best family villa holidays here in Rodney Bay. It has the perfect environment and accommodations to comfort you.